About Me

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I am Vartika Sinha, born and brought up in India. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and environmentalist & artist by passion.  I worked for 11 years in Finance with Coca-Cola and General Electric. My initial working years involved extensive travel, back then I didn’t take any measures to replenish. The typical human mentality, where every convenience is at the cost of environment.

In 2014, I decided to take smaller steps for my personal well being and environment. It started with reducing consumerism, giving up plastic, animal based food, chemicals. Gradually, I started to reduce my waste by practicing simple rules of sustainability. In June’18, I took a break from Corporate career and started to pursue my passion

In Jul’18 ,I attended a seminar by Dr. C.R. Babu (Professor at Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems, Delhi) on conservation in Urban area. That session changed my perspective on degradation and remedial measures. Since then I am learning and practicing various sustainability models in urban lifestyle like composting, bio enzymes, upcycling, recycling plastic. My goal is to reach ‘Zero’ waste and become chemical free. A firm believer of ‘Ubuntu’ , i.e. “I am , because you are”.

It’s a platform to share my ideas with people at large and learn from them. There are researchers, leaders and followers in every space. I am also trying to play all the three roles.  It takes one burning lamp to light thousands, thousands to millions and millions to billions. Let’s learn and share together, let’s embrace inconvenience today for better tomorrow.