Wondering how to reclaim depth at work?


Vast majority individuals & companies struggle with innovation, productivity and articulation due to trapped emotions & lack of self-awareness

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Accomplish depth at work while creating contended life outside of work

The Integrative Art Workshop offers a revolutionary 1-day transformative experience to ignite your professional presence. 

Through the immersive engagement across 4 dynamic art forms





Focus on what matters most

Regain inner creativity, resilience

Align with true aspirations

Rewrite vision, reach potential

Here's what participants are saying about my INTEGRATIVE ART WORKSHOPS

“During her session the presentation was engaging and well-structured, and she effectively conveyed her ideas to the audience. Her passion for art and her dedication to helping others harness their creative potential were evident throughout the session. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their artistic productivity or gain a deeper understanding of the creative process.”



“We had a special art healing session at Binocs.co. This experience was different and cool, we learned valuable techniques for expressing and releasing pent-up negative energy that may have been lingering within us and it made me appreciate how art can be so therapeutic and can make us feel better.”

“A refreshing session by Vartika Sinha to break our daily startup grind work. Every workplace should have such sessions to spark #creativity and more #expression and thoughtfulness in our monotonous work.”

“Vartika is a combination of creativity and detail. She not only has an artistic bent of mind but also knows how to systematically bring order and structure to her work. As a visual artist and Natural Health Science Coach, she is conscious about guiding her clients about mental, physical and emotional health. She is a subject matter expert in her domain!! I would highly recommend anyone for her services.”


Q: What background knowledge is required?
A: No prior experience with arts needed. Our workshops are open for all professionals from diverse backgrounds seeking creative growth.
 Q: What results can I expect? 
A: You will leave with a renewed vision, razor-sharp focus, and a customized action plan to apply learnings to uplift your career.
Q. How much do workshops cost?
A. The Integrative Art Workshops starts from 499/- per person inclusive of materials and personalised coaching.
Q. How many people are there in a batch?
A. We limit our batch size to a small set of participants only to facilitate impactful learnings and transformation.

Rediscover the spark and rekindle zeal with the INTEGRATIVE ART WORKSHOP


I am Vartika Sinha, raised in Indian Army background. I spent significant part of my life in travelling across the globe. The diversity of nature and culture stirred my inspiration to document my experiences through visual artworks and poems. 

Formally trained as Chartered Accountant, worked as Corporate Finance with Coca-Cola and General Electric for 11 years. In my journey of self exploration I stumbled on to Visual Arts &  Holistic Lifestyle.

In Jul’19, I completed my training in Classical Realism from Carder Art Academy, Austin, USA.