About Me

I am Vartika Sinha, raised in Indian Army background. I spent significant part of my life in travelling across the globe.  The diversity in Nature and Culture inspired me to document my experiences in the form Visual Art and Poems.

Formally trained as Chartered Accountant, worked as Corporate Finance with Coca-Cola and General Electric for 11 years. In my journey of self exploration I stumbled on to Visual Arts &  Holistic Lifestyle.

In Jul’19, I completed my training in Classical Realism from Carder Art Academy, Austin, USA.

In Nov’22, I completed Natural Health Science course from IMANAH, USA. 
Currently. I am operating out of my Studio at Bengaluru. I am founder of two impactful organisations 

Intricacies by Vartika (Art)

Ubuntu Ether, Holistic Human Development (Holistic Health)

My Vision
1.Environmental friendly and cruelty free art
2. Revive traditions of old masters
3. Cure by self-awareness
4. Medicine & Chemical free planet
5. Vedic Health education as fundamental right

Vartika Sinha

I also take commission works in Oil, Charcoal, Chalk Pastels and Colour pencils.





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