from oppression to expression the story of the ghungroo

From Oppression to Expression: The Story of the Ghungroo

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the stories behind everyday objects? Take the humble Ghungroo, for instance – those beautiful anklets that grace the feet of Indian dancers. Their delicate chimes are more than just an auditory flourish; they hold within them a powerful narrative of transformation. Today, I want to share this fascinating …

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Quit Alcohol

How I quit drinking?

What am I thinking? I can make this post elaborate and clever, but probably it will never get published. It has been lying on my to-do’s for the past 3 years. Prepared many drafts, it got to a point where I missed the point.  Today I decided to start afresh and keep it very simple.  Without further ado, …

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Yesterday my son created a mess in his room and washroom, I was desperate to scold him for being irresponsible. For the past few days, I am running low on domestic helps. Somehow managing food, household chores and pressing work deadlines. Something infuriated me further, he didn’t eat his Fruit tiffin. Secretly he threw it …

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