Quit Alcohol

How I quit drinking?

Quit Alcohol

What am I thinking?

I can make this post elaborate and clever, but probably it will never get published. It has been lying on my to-do’s for the past 3 years. Prepared many drafts, it got to a point where I missed the point. 

Today I decided to start afresh and keep it very simple.  Without further ado, let’s get started .If you think there’s any merit in leaving alcohol, then please read further.

My past with Alcohol

 Grew up seeing my dad enjoying his booze. Not that it enticed me, but I was okay to try it socially. Of course, Alcohol is an acquired taste, nothing tastes as horrible as alcohol. So why do we continue drinking? During my earlier corporate days, it was an unsaid expectation to hold a drink. People don’t want you to get drunk, they just don’t prefer odd team mates. No complains because I also enjoyed drinking.
I don’t remember how alcohol became an idea of relaxation. From few occasions to humble celebrations, it accompanied me. 

Mythology of Moderation

I hear people say we drink ‘occasionally’. Some justify drinking red wine for longevity and health. There’s no scientific truth in all such claims especially scam of resveratrol theory.  Our race has a tendency of justifying wrongdoings by putting a stamp of science.  The fact is, if it’s not food as found in nature ( Water , Life and Fibre) then it will never be of any use. Rather It will cause trouble . we get nutrition from digestion not eating.

Only after leaving it I truly understood the benefits like improvement in sleep quality, stress level, focus, energy, temperament, reverse ageing etc

Cold Turkey

Well, I never planned to quit, I thought I was doing okay with occasional indulgence.

Aug’17, We hosted a house party with bunch of friends. It was like any other close group gathering full of chatter, dinner, drinks , dance and laughter. While we all had our drinks in a dignified way, but something didn’t seem right to me. My husband started to play keyboard, everyone joined him and made the evening musical. At that moment within a fraction of second a thought occurred to me, Do I need to drink to have fun? This thought made me uncomfortable & stayed with me till next morning. I woke up with a thought of quitting alcohol. Since then I have never had alcohol.

Old memories die hard

The neuron connection of Cues- Indulgence & release of Happiness hormones need to be embraced. It takes a long time to build these connections. With conscious efforts and compassion, unwanted cues fade

New Memories

Initial few months it was tricky as I was always surrounded with same set of people and cues. Then I told myself that I can have alcohol provided I am alone. It helped me in refusing alcohol in gatherings and vacations. Earlier, I never enjoyed alcohol by myself, hence I never got tempted. It was a win-win resolve.

Per my experience, if you change something at physical level, without addressing at subtler levels , most likely you will rebound hard. It is true for all unhealthy choices.

A tip from a friend

One of my friends got a tip from his father. The only rule is to have the most expensive alcohol. He buys only when he can afford and he savours till the last drop. So he is happily indulging without indulging 😊

Tell me how did you quit alcohol?

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