Yesterday my son created a mess in his room and washroom, I was desperate to scold him for being irresponsible. For the past few days, I am running low on domestic helps. Somehow managing food, household chores and pressing work deadlines. Something infuriated me further, he didn’t eat his Fruit tiffin. Secretly he threw it in the bin. I lost my cool instantly and cursed him for being insensitive to his parents & privileges. I asked him to reflect on his conduct. He took dinner on his own and ate quietly. I didn’t make any efforts to know about his day, challenges and why didn’t he finish his tiffin? My frustrations blinded me and I felt like a victim of my emotions and circumstances

I was sitting quietly in my room, I heard the sound of opening and closing fridge, I wondered what is he up to? He has already finished his meals, is he looking for some sweets or junk snacking? From my room , I asked but didn’t bother to check.

After couple of minutes, he came to me with 3 boxes of food. Mixed Vegetable salad, slices of Malta and sweet snack. He said Mom “I have fixed my meals for tomorrow. I am sorry for being insensitive, I will try to be more responsible” . I melted instantly , cuddled him and asked ‘since when have you started using knife?

He replied ‘Today’

We talk about fairness, but who are we to judge what’s fair and what’s not. we all have our side of stories, past impressions and karma. The moment we say one party is just the other becomes guilty instantly. I don’t intend to raise a human demonstrating right behavior (as right or wrong is subjective), but a human being who is aware of his actions. I feel more confident, because I have ‘Today’

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