Intricacies by Vartika

Visual symphony of Real and Abstract world

My Art is documentation of my ever evolving journey. It embraces Ignorance and Wisdom, Past and Present, Real and Abstract. For me Art is a medium to share ideas, draw attention and document my fragile existence. Through my art I want to promote environmental friendly art and revive traditions of Old Masters

Intricacies by Vartika is an attempt to seize a moment, captures stories in a visual form. While viewer interprets it from its own journey, my story leaves an impression of stillness in chaos.
The subtle earthy tones take us back to Old Masters' era, a glimpse of renaissance in 21st century

I am Vartika Sinha, raised in Indian Army background. I spent significant part of my life in travelling across the globe.  The diversity in Nature and Culture inspired me to document my experiences in the form Visual Art and Poems.

Formally trained as Chartered Accountant, worked as Corporate Finance with Coca-Cola and General Electric for 11 years. In my journey of self exploration I stumbled on to Visual Arts &  Holistic Lifestyle.

In Jul’19, I completed my training in Classical Realism from Carder Art Academy, Austin, USA.





Latest artwork

I have four ongoing series i.e. Consciousness, Global Village, Holistic Health and Sustainability. Each artwork is a narrative of Human values, Current Challenges, Awareness and Futuristic actions. Narrative is stated in the description section of Artwork

Latest Blog Post

Apart from painting, I like to write about my experiences and learnings in life.

Vartika Sinha

Artist | Founder Ubuntu Holistic Human Development | Chartered Accountant |Ex-GE/Coca-Cola| Art Education- Carder Art Academy, Austin,USA

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