Living Root Bridge


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The living root bridges or jing kieng jri are found in Meghalaya, India. Built over centuries by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes by weaving the roots of the Indian rubber (Ficus elastica) tree into suspension bridges over rivers. These sturdy bridges span between 15 and 250 feet and could take as long as 10 to 15 years to gain the perfect shape. Most of them have a single span but some have more than one, such as the famous Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge.

These structural ecosystems have performed in extreme climatic conditions for centuries, and encapsulate a profound harmony between humans and nature. Facilitating connectivity and disaster resilience in more than 72 remote villages

Each Living Root Structure reveals a distinct ethno-botanical journey rooted in profound culture- nature reciprocity and synthesis. The intergenerational growth process of nurturing a sapling into a robust load-bearing structure in extreme climate and geography reveals exceptional enterprise and skill, suggesting a masterpiece of human creative genius.


Mawlynnong, Village. One of the 72 remote villages in Meghalaya & wettest region on Earth

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Product Details:

Size : 24 by 30 inches

Series – Global Village

Medium – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Framed/ Rolled – Framed/Rolled(both options available) Not Varnished

Raw Material used in Artwork

No toxic solvent or pigment used. World’s best Oil paints – Geneva Artist’s oil color and Winsor & Newton Gloss varnish


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Certificate of Authenticity

This painting is my original composition and comes with a certificate of authenticity . I personally guarantee that this painting will last for many years to come. I use nothing but the highest grade archival materials in creating and framing this artwork to ensure that this painting is ready to withstand the ages. If you have any questions about this painting or any concerns please feel free to contact me.


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