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What is the purpose of our fragile existence? Who are we? Why do we need Scriptures, Holy books or commandments? who is an expert in decoding cosmos? These questions have crossed many inquisitive minds. The self-exploration journey starts with the questions and ends in the state of Wonder!

As I started to follow the ancient holy wisdom, I got connected to myself. Divine is not the outside to give me a purpose, it is the I who has to give my existence a purpose. As we shed the baggage of cravings, aversions, fear, jealousy, hatred, false ego we become free of the impressions. As we become hollow and empty , the fullness dawns


1.Location Atelier Mark Carder’s Art Academy in Austin, Texas, USA

2.Old Books depict the holy scriptures and the wisdom by the teachers who have walked the path. They have shown a way to connect with oneself

3.Dry grass and seeds suggest the fragile existence of life. It looks fluffy but disintegrates as the wind blows

4.Coloured Glass with the stick suggests various forms from the outside. For e.g., gender, race, ethnicity etc. As the form becomes hollow and empty, without the baggage; the fullness dawns upon

Product Details:

Size : 14 by 18 inches

Medium – Oil on Linen

Series – Consciousness

Framed/ Rolled – Framed & Not Varnished


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Certificate of Authenticity

This painting is my original composition and comes with a certificate of authenticity . I personally guarantee that this painting will last for many years to come. I use nothing but the highest grade archival materials in creating and framing this artwork to ensure that this painting is ready to withstand the ages. If you have any questions about this painting or any concerns please feel free to contact me.


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