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How does one get a glimpse of supreme consciousness? How is subtle more intense than the obvious? How did this creation form, will it ever end? Am I the Body, Mind, Intellect, Ego or some divine force that is beyond my comprehension?  Knowing oneself is the blessing of the Human life, no other species is blessed to know its true nature. One attains self with practice and grace of the Master


1.Location Artist’s studio in Gurgaon, India

2.Ceramic Reed diffuser with six sticks suggests 6 layers of existence. Body that’s experienced with the five senses. Breath, the involuntary action since birth. Mind that’s chattering always & often caught up with thoughts. Intellect that’s judging right or wrong. Memory that has stored impressions and experiences. Ego that identifies oneself with name, gender, occupation and status. As we move up each layer becomes more and more subtle. These six layers manifest from only the  one source, with continuous practice they get aligned

3.Red book suggests knowledge to practice alignment of 6 layers. For instance, Nutrition, Yoga, Exercise, Meditation for holistic health

4.Circular Table Clock suggests there is neither a beginning nor an end of creation. For e.g., Circle neither has a beginning nor an end. It is now the time for us to reflect on our true nature

5.Elixir suggests presence and grace of the Master

6.Yellow book suggests wisdom that comes with time and grace

7.Inverted Glass suggests transparent human body, fearless, no baggage, no duality

8.Gem stone A state of realising our Self.

Product Details

Size 14 by 18 inches

Series – Consciousness

Medium – Oil on Canvas

Framed/ Rolled – Framed & Varnished


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Certificate of Authenticity

This painting is my original composition and comes with a certificate of authenticity . I personally guarantee that this painting will last for many years to come. I use nothing but the highest grade archival materials in creating and framing this artwork to ensure that this painting is ready to withstand the ages. If you have any questions about this painting or any concerns please feel free to contact me.


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Supreme consciousness

Availability: 1 in stock