Waste water of RO/ Water filter

Nearly 70% of the world is covered by water, (97.5% saline and 2.5% fresh). Less than 1% out of 2.5% is accessible, as rest is trapped in glaciers and snow.

Ratio of Saline and Fresh water has not changed in the past million years. The human  population has increased dramatically but level of fresh water hasn’t.

Some cities are already experiencing water crisis, while it’s a ticking time bomb for others. In many ways we can conserve and reuse fresh water. One of the culprits is disposal of waste water of RO (Water purifier). RO uses water to clean the membrane and yields drinking water , as a result an average RO flushes out 3 ltrs for every 1 liter of drinking water. An average person drinks 2 ltrs (half gallon) water every day i.e. 6 ltrs waste water is generated per person per day. Imagine how much waste water gets drained every day in cities. It can be easily collected and reused for other household purposes for instance to clean dishes, mop floor, watering plants , washing clothes, car and any surface.

As it has high level of TDS, it’s not recommended to wash staples and fruits & vegetables with it. I have an old bucket to collect waste water – whether it’s RO’s or leftover from glasses/ bottles . Save every drop and reuse till it can not be used again.

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